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12 Must-Dos for Back To School Cleaning

12 Must-Dos for Back To School Cleaning

Posted September 06, 2017
The post-Labor Day season is always the beginning of change. Class is in session, the school-day routine is in full swing, and the home is, well, caught up in the whole mix. 

As you prepare for another great year, it’s important to get the season ready for this healthy new start. As your family begins to spend more time indoors, an efficient heating and cooling system is going to play a big role. So too will your home’s cleanliness. 

To help give your family that fresh start, we’ve assembled a quick list of 12 must-dos for your next Fall cleaning session: 

1. Donate old or unused clothing, which may gather dirt, dander, and germs around your home.

2. Use a steam cleaner to sanitize soft area rugs.

3. Clear the newly fallen foliage from the outdoor component of your heating & cooling system.

4. Switch wardrobes and shift summertime apparel into storage.

5. Clean and/or replace your cleaning appliances.

6. Change batteries in your smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors.

7. For cleaning sports equipment, let dirt dry before removing (much easier to remove).

8. For reusable water bottles, fill with a half-water/half-vinegar mixture and let sit overnight.

9. To clean baseball caps, run through the top rung of the dishwasher to clean.

10. Check washer machine hosing & replace if damaged or more than two years old.

11. Inspect the area around your home for signs of carpenter ants or termites.

12. Spray, disinfect, and wash all indoor garbage cans to prevent odour and germ buildup.

Source: Tonna