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Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Posted March 09, 2016
With the warmer weather approaching and spring around the corner it's time to improve your indoor air quality. This year colds, flu and viruses lingered. If your family suffered from sickness or experiences allergies it is important that you freshen up your air quality. During the winter air becomes stale due to the lack of air movement and having your home closed up. Take advantage of the nice air this week and open up your windows.

Here are three things you can do inside your home now to get a jump start on your spring cleaning and improve your indoor air quality:

  • Start from the bottom - Your floors are one of the easiest places for dust to accumulate. It's best to use a combination of vacuuming and mopping, so you can catch all dust. If you have hardwood floors you may want to consider cleaning your area rugs because dust often gets trapped in the fibers. Getting your floors professionally clean will give them the deep clean they need and your family deserves.
  • Love your pets - Your pets are members of the family; however, those furry family members have pet dander. Pet dander contributes to poor indoor air quality. Their hair and pet dander also settles into you carpets and ducts. Getting your ducts cleaned will eliminate pet dander, hair, dust and allergens. It is important to to wash your bed linens and their beds often. This is something you should do year round.
  • Keep the air fresh - The increasing popularity of green cleaning products leads most people to think those are the best cleaning products. Some of these products contain chemicals or harsh allergens. Be sure to read the labels and use what is best for your family. One place you can start is with your floor wash. Skip the chemicals and simply add 1/2-cup vinegar to a gallon of water to clean your ceramic, wood and laminated floors.

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