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Why Clean Tile Grout Is a Must for a Healthy Bathroom

Why Clean Tile Grout Is a Must for a Healthy Bathroom

Posted September 20, 2017
For thousands of years, people have been using ceramic tiles to decorate and protect their floors and walls. Durable and cost effective, tiles are a prime choice for businesses and home owners, especially for common places such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, maintaining a smooth and clean appearance of your tiles seems to be a challenge because of the dirt that builds up in the thin grout lines that hold the tiles in place. The solution is regular cleaning. Water stains, mildew, mould, dirt and dust can easily hamper the looks of the finest tile in the absence of regular cleaning.

Clean tile grout involves sealing the grout with a penetrating sealer or impregnator at the offset. This procedure is usually performed by the installer. When there is no sealing performed, the grout stands higher chances of getting dirty very quickly especially when regular cleaning is missing as well. The grout lines will repel moisture and soil for a lot longer when sealed adequately.  Whether they are sanded, epoxy, or non-sanded, it is still difficult to keep a clean tile grout. That is mainly due to the grout’s porous and irregular nature, which is the main reason why maintenance of ceramic flooring is such a challenge.

The bathroom is the place where grout can easily get all packed up with allergens such as mildew and mould. It is the humidity in the bathroom that enhances mould growth and exposes people to health issues. Clean tile grout will not only bring back the lustrous finish and clean look of your tile but will also ensure that your bathroom is a safe place for your employees health-wise.

In most cases, it is the grout that gets soiled, not the actual tile. Grout is positioned slightly lower than the tile itself which allows dirt to accumulate easier and the porous texture of grout makes cleaning a real challenge. Maintaining clean tile grout is difficult also because soiling is a process that builds up over time, a direct reflection of the maintenance program in place. When people see it is dirty, the dirt is already comfortably installed in the grout. Without regular maintenance, there is no chance that you can have sparkling clean tile grout. Therefore, it’s essential to start early and keep up with regular cleaning.

People with allergies, children or the elderly are particularly at risk of developing complications associated with allergens and irritants in the grout. Clean tile grout is also your best ally in the fight against cross-contamination. It is very easy to transfer dirt and dust accumulated in the grout on other surfaces in your workplace and thus spread contaminants all over your space. Improper cleaning can result in the same things as lack of cleaning. As maintaining a clean tile grout is not easy, many offices resort to professional cleaning services that have the experience and knowledge necessary to clean grout efficiently and thoroughly.

Source: Jan Pro Cleaning Systems